"A purpose is not the same as a goal.
Your purpose is a lifelong compass and guide , Whereas goals have a beginning and an end."

Mission Statement

Bluefox Association is a non-profit organization that has been providing support to people with developmental disabilities since 1990. 

At Bluefox we understand the need and importance of person centered and individualized planning. We encourage open paths

of communication between family, guardians, natural supports, and other service providers to develop successful programming based solely 

on the individual and their specific needs. Bluefox educates and advocates for individual rights , we work to discover each persons

potential through creative expression and develop necessary skills to make a difference. 

Philosophy and Beliefs

In order to accomplish our mission, Bluefox Association believes in the following:

  • A personalized service system to promote the greatest well-being of all individuals

  • Expansion of service to new clients only when the greatest of well-being of our existing individuals is not compromised.

  • Building on strengths of the individuals, their families, the Bluefox staff and the community.

  • Facilitating and encouraging community integration and education.

  • A focus on individuals satisfaction.

  • A team environment gained through training, support, and open communication between staff, families, and guardians.

  • Quality assurance through systemized review documentation and measuring outcomes.