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Bluefox Association offers Outreach Services to those who need extra help with medical appointments, daily living skills, and education-based services (including risk management, finance budgeting, making social connections, and connecting to community support agencies). Outreach services are built upon a Community-Based-Psychoeducational model. Bluefox promotes independence through teaching problem solving, critical thinking, and a “learning together” approach in regard to developing life skills.


Bluefox Association provides 24-hour Residential Services. Residential services facilitate the core aspects of creating a home, life-skill building, and nurturing social connections. Bluefox Association works to build confidence by promoting opportunities of learning for individuals in all aspects of living in order to foster independence within the home, in their physical community, as well as social community. Bluefox facilitates schedules within the home that promote goal outcome measures created by the individual and their team in the areas of employment, daily living skills, education and comprehension, behaviour management, health and wellness, and responsibility.


Vocational services facilitate goal oriented, and outcome measured programming based on each individual. Vocational services support community inclusion in areas of employment, volunteer, advocacy groups, medical needs, education and comprehension, behaviour management, health and wellness, and recreational activities. Recreational activities include helping create the monthly Bluefox newsletter, reading comprehension groups, our Music and Performing Arts Program, fitness events, cognitive development, educating on public transportation, and accessing the community daily.

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