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Job Opportunities

Please e-mail to inquire about our current employment opportunities.

While each application is welcomed, contact from the Association will be limited to those applicants selected for an interview.


Please note: Resumes will be kept on file for 30 days and then shredded.

Community Support Practitioner


Casual, Part-Time, and Full-Time

Starting wage is $18 an hour

Key Responsibilities:

- Assisting and supporting individuals to participate in a meaningful way in their personal life planning

- Assisting and supporting individuals in the establishment and maintenance of shared respectful             relationships

- Role model / coaching

- Assisting individuals to develop personal home living skills and when required participating directly in        the care and maintenance of the individuals home living environment

- Communicating in a professional, timely, accurate, and respectful manor.

- Working effectively in a collaborative, team orientated environment

- Daily / Monthly documentation



- Clear Criminal Record Check

- Minimum High School Diploma

- Degree or Diploma in relevant discipline

- Positive attitude and belief that persons with disabilities have the right and responsibility to define and       pursue active participation and involvement in the community

- Strong verbal and written communication

- Effective time management skills

Bluefox is committed to ensuring all employees possess the necessary tools and training to thoroughly understand the individuals they support and feel confident in all aspects of responsibility within their employment. Bluefox promotes a cohesive team approach to work in which all team members are appreciated for their unique abilities they contribute.

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